show homes currently unavailable due to maternity leave

Big Sky Lodges is primarily a Holiday accommodation letting business so can be very busy at certain times of the year. Viewing times are usually available on a Saturday afternoon but weekday visits may be possible during the winter. 

Please contact us first to arrange a viewing. 0800 6343 524.

There are seven log houses available for viewing at Big Sky Lodges. The new Mountain 114 design, three of our Mountain Lodge design and three of the Eagle design.
You can come and have a look round and see for yourself the quality of materials used in a Mountain Lodge Home.

For our log houses we use only the highest quality, polar pine. The trees used are between 90 and 120 years old. Because of the extreme atmospheric conditions they grow very slowly, which means the polar pine develops a special red colour, a dense structure and even, symmetrical growth.

The logs are of primary importance to us: They provide protection, a healthy indoor climate and give our houses their distinctive look. We attach great importance to offering a variety of log profiles together with top-quality materials and workmanship. We always produce our Arctic Logs with tongue and groove joints, in order to control natural cracking and to ensure above-average wind-proofing and an accurate fit. You can rely on a Mountain Lodge Home to last a lifetime.

Big Sky Lodges