Welcome to Mountain Lodge Homes

Mountain Lodge Homes supplies unique and individual log house kits that last for generations.

You can customise our log home kits to your requirements.

Our designs take inspiration from Scandinavian style, where beautiful design and homely living is guaranteed.

Our smaller designs are perfect for holiday accommodation, and ensure a carefree holiday in a comfortable setting for your customers.

Our aim is to deliver individual, durable and environmentally friendly homes that will help improve the quality of your life.


All mountain lodge log cabins are made of logs from sustainable forests in Finland, from inside the Arctic Circle. Sourcing wood this far north means the logs are much stronger and of much higher quality than timber grown in the UK. The cold, dry climate of Finland forces the trees to grow slowly making the timber from which the logs are cut, very dense and hard wearing – perfect for a log home that will last many generations.

As our solid log buildings meet the criteria for sustainable development, we believe that they represent a credible, greener alternative to common construction methods. Carbon dioxide which is absorbed during the life of a tree is locked up in wood products. The log house kits can be built on pillar foundations and therefore the use of concrete and cement is minimal compared to a bricks and mortar house. Apart from environmental issues, this also saves in construction costs, especially on a sloping site.


Mountain Lodge log house kits give a feeling of homeliness and warmth. Living is ecological, healthy and enjoyable. Whether you are building a luxury family home or a holiday cottage, real Finnish pine provides the best result possible. The beautiful slow grown pine is tightly grained, making it exceptionally strong and easy to work with. The log home designs and plans on the following pages are for illustration and can be customised for you.

Construction with Mountain Lodge Homes

A local joinery firm will have the carpentry skills necessary to build your log home. Every log is numbered and pre-cut to simplify assembly, meaning experienced DIY builders should also be capable of building a log cabin themselves. We are available to advise you during your construction period if you require it.
Most Mountain Lodge log cabins do not require any special lifting equipment (a lorry with a hi-ab can be useful and less expensive than hiring a crane). Each Mountain Lodge log house is supplied with detailed assembly instructions. We can provide a full design service for producing plans for planning permission and building warrant; SAP ratings, and SER certificates for new log house kits.


Solid Log Construction

We offer a wide range of log sizes you can choose from, allowing the perfect combination of aesthetics and strength. The logs are machined with double tongue and groove connections to create immensely strong exterior and interior walls.

Bespoke House Designs

Our log home kits are produced in a high-tech factory. This means we can make changes to the interior layout or change the size of the building for you. This allows us to offer a bespoke, customised log cabin kit at around the same cost per square metre as standard designs. You can incorporate your own ideas into one of our standard designs or we can take your architect’s drawings, and turn it into a log house kit for you.

What comes in your Mountain Lodge Homes Kit?

What is not included in your kit?

  • Exterior log shell: Customisable options for log thickness and height. All log joints and openings precision-machined. Fixings to stud frame included.
  • Doors: Premium exterior and interior pine doors + hardware, with glazing, treatment and locking options.
  • Windows: Tilt and turn timber double glazed windows + hardware, with triple glazing, treatment and locking options.
  • Internal wall and ceiling materials – plasterboard or log panelling options.
  • Internal structural timber frame including:
    • Floor joists + solid pine timber flooring if required.
    • Roof joists and all timber material for the roof + fixings.
    • Glulam posts and beams where required.
    • Gable structure with log panel cladding with log options.
  • Stairs: lacquered pine as standard, colour and material options.
  • Skirting boards, and all architraves for windows and doors – internally and externally.
  • Terrace and balcony timbers.
  • Detailed technical drawings and comprehensive building instructions for your builders.
  • Foundations and ground works (~10-20% of total build cost depending on the soil & foundation type)
  • Any building works (~15-30% of total build cost depending on the amount of professional workforce used & quality of workmanship)
  • Heating, plumbing, air-conditioning, electricity etc. (~10-20% of total build cost depending on components chosen and & connection costs for services)
  • Insulation material and final roofing e.g. slates/tiles (~5-10% of total build cost depending on which materials are used)
  • Scaffolding & building tools
  • Chimneys, block work and fireplaces, sauna stoves
  • Kitchen/bathroom and any other furniture

What services do we offer?

What services we do not offer:

  • Customised floor plan and elevation drawings suitable for planning permission based on our standard designs.
  • Site and location plans for your plot, and submission of your planning application.
  • Building Warrant drawings, SER drawings and structural calculations including foundation design, SAP calculations, and drainage design.
  • Depending on location, we may be able to arrange for site investigations and percolation testing to be carried out on your behalf.
  • Comprehensive instructions and technical drawings explaining how to build your log house kit.
We don’t offer a build service.

A good team of local joiners will be more than capable of erecting one of our log house kits. The kit comes with very detailed information on how to build it, and goes up very quick.

If you are inexperienced with self-building, we recommend employing a local project manager to help you through the process. 

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