Welcome to Mountain Lodge Homes

Mountain Lodge Homes supplies unique and individual log house kits that last for generations.

Our log home kits are durable homes that guarantee a great quality of life.

They take their inspiration from Finnish nature and Scandinavian style, where beautiful design and homely living is guaranteed.

Our smaller designs are perfect for holiday accommodation, and ensure a carefree holiday in a comfortable setting for your customers.

Our aim is to deliver individual, strong and durable homes that improve our customer’s quality of life .


All mountain lodge log cabins are made of logs from sustainable forests in Finland, from inside the Arctic Circle. Sourcing wood this far north means the logs are much stronger and of much higher quality than timber grown in the UK. The cold, dry climate of Finland forces the trees to grow slowly making the timber from which the logs are cut, very dense and hard wearing – perfect for a log home that will last many generations.

Our log cabin kits comply with and surpass UK building control regulations as they have been designed for the harsh climate of Finland. Our log house kits are extremely efficient in terms of heat retention (warm in winter, cool in summer) and are therefore suitable for year round dwelling/work.

As our solid log buildings meet the criteria for sustainable development, we believe that they represent a credible, greener alternative to common construction methods. Carbon dioxide which is absorbed during the life of a tree is locked up in wood products. The log house kits can be built on pillar foundations and therefore the use of concrete and cement is minimal compared to a bricks and mortar house. Apart from environmental issues, this also saves in construction costs, especially on a sloping site.


Mountain Lodge log house kits give a feeling of homeliness and warmth. Living is ecological, healthy and enjoyable. Whether you are building a luxury family home or a holiday cottage, real Finnish pine provides the best result possible. The beautiful red, slowly grown pine is tightly grained, making it exceptionally strong and easy to work with. The log home designs and plans on the following pages are for illustration and can be adapted to your own needs.

Construction with Mountain Lodge Homes

A local joinery firm will have the carpentry skills necessary to build your log home. Every log is numbered and pre-cut to simplify assembly, meaning DIY builders should also be capable of building a log cabin themselves. We are available to advise you during your construction period if you require it.

Most Mountain Lodge log cabins do not require any special lifting equipment (a lorry with a hi-ab can be useful and less expensive than hiring a crane). Each Mountain Lodge log house is supplied with detailed assembly instructions. We can provide a full design service for producing plans for planning permission and building warrant; SAP ratings, and SER certificates for new log house kits.

(cost of architectural drawings, engineers certificate, SAP rating and SER certification are refundable only if they are supplied by us).


Solid Log Construction

We have a wide range of log sizes in keeping with the proportions of your house, allowing the perfect combination of aesthetics and strength. All the thicknesses of logs are designed the same way, with double tongue and groove connections for a strong and secure fit. Thus the interlocking logs fit together to create an immensely strong exterior and interior walls.

Bespoke House Designs

As a result of our log home kits being produced in a high-tech factory, it is possible to manipulate log house designs to make them the right size and layout for you, giving a bespoke, customised log cabin kit at around the same cost per spare metre as standard designs. This allows you to incorporate ideas you may have liked in other buildings into your own home or integrate the unique needs of your site into the building.

Holiday log cabins

Log cabins in Scotland
We are enthusiastic about log cabins as holiday accommodation – we built six here in the Scottish Highlands for our other business – www.bigskylodges.co.uk

We have enormous confidence in the quality of the log houses that we supply and welcome visits from potential customers. Please contact us to arrange a visit; or even better – book in for a week and experience for yourself what it is really like to live in a log house.

These can be seen at www.bigskylodges.co.uk . It is possible to come visit them on Saturdays and have a look around inside, allowing you to see built examples of our log cabin kits and what the floor plans look like in real life.We think that Mountain Lodge Homes is unique in being able to offer this service.

Clients can see exactly the quality they can expect to receive when their own log house kit arrives. Previous potential customers who have seen our houses, but have consequently ordered a cheaper product elsewhere on the assumption that one log house is much the same as another, have invariably been disappointed. The usual difference is the size of the logs, the strength of the roof and the quality of windows and doors. Our log homes are normally constructed from logs 95mm or larger depending on the the size of the log home, although 70mm logs may be an option. The roof is immensely strong and is constructed from 50 x 150mm rafters overlaid with T & G sarking.

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