Arctic 113

  • Property Type:
  • Sq Ft: 113



Arctic pine planed logs, normally 95mm wide. Laminated logs and larger sizes are available up to 240mm. 

The internal walls can be either: 
solid log (a more expensive option)
or framed and panelled with log profile 22mm pine boards (looks like logs) 
or framed and plasterboarded, for customers who prefer not to have the inside all wood (a cheaper option).

  • Thermowall (to cover insulation) 22mm pine paneling, on 48 x 148 studs.
  • Roof rafters 48 x 198; roof boarding 23 x 95, with fixings and all timbers for roof structure.
  • Intermediate floor structure timbers.
  • Ceiling boarding 14 x 120.
  • Gable structures with internal & external log panel cladding.
  • Double glazed, DK, TT or MSES windows, inwards or outwards opening .
  • Internal panel doors, solid pine.
  • External doors pine, half glazed, and door/window furniture.
  • Floor structure (floor boards, joists etc). All floors are 28 x 95mm pine floorboards and 48x 48mm joists for a house built on a concrete slab. (The extra materials required for a suspended floor are not included and cost approx £18 m sq extra).
  • Stairs: Colour & material can be modified (standard stairs are made of lacquered pine).
  • Mouldings and Skirting boards / Architraves for windows and doors.
  • Terrace and balcony timbers.

Factory Technical Drawings:

  • Wall plans of each wall.
  • Roof rafters plan & Intermediate floor joists plan.
  • Detailed drawings of each junction and of all parts – this document includes 10-20 detailed drawings depending on the complexity of the design
  • Instructional dimensioned plan of foundations.
  • Building instructions & detailed material & packing lists.



Plans and elevations for a planning application, normally £1350.

Building warrant drawings, structural engineers certificate and SAP energy rating calculations, £3800. 

Roofing tiles/slates, plumbing, sanitary ware, kitchen units, electrical fittings, foundations, paint, or insulation.

Insulation is not included as each customers requirements differ; some want a sap rating of 100, and others are happy with the minimum required to comply with building regulations.

All prices exclude VAT (currently 20%). DIY housebuilders may be able to obtain a refund of VAT and should contact their local VAT office for details.

Delivery is charged at cost and is dependent not only on distance but also location and size. Delivery is normally around £5000 per trailer to deliver to UK mainland.

Discounts are available when a number of identical houses are ordered at the same time.

As a very rough “rule of thumb” a fully built and fitted out house should cost approximately twice the basic materials cost.Please note that due to the flexibility of our designs no two customer’s requirements are the same, and the prices in the brochure and on the website are for guidance only. A fixed quote will be available once accurate plans according to your own specification and layout have been drawn up.

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